Hope Hindi Channel

Hindi: The National Language of India

Happens to be the widely spoken language of the nation, further more people who speak Urdu and Sanskrit can understand Hindi for the languages  are similar, hence more than 50% of the Indian population can be reached through a single language, in addition the neighboring countries can be covered too.

Need for a Hindi Channel

TV Ministry is the only effective source that can function as a door to door ministry, reaching people efficiently in the world today.

Hindi being the national language is thus vocalized by people of all range (rich, poor, educated, illiterates, rural and urban) where idolism and addiction are at its worse. This situation portraits the significance of the word of God. Through this Media the light of truth will be shed into the dark places paving way for faith and miracle amidst them.

Thus making Hindi the only vital tool to reach a wide range and a huge number of people.

Commencing a Hindi channel (solely for Hindi) holds several merits 

1. 750 Million Potential audience.
2. Can influence the Neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Afghanistan.
3. Producing programs according to their culture and tradition gives a greater impact.
4. The great number of talented missionaries willing to contribute can be used right in their comfort zone.

5. Hope TV India produces programs in 6 languages & it’s quite difficult to produce more programs for one language with the resources half was across the nation.

Work in Progress Hindi channel

1. Committee action has been taken by the Division to start the Hindi Channel in Hapur and foundation stone has been laid in Hapur.
2. Donor has sponsored for the necessary equipment and need to establish a new channel
3. Building work is in progress.


Hope Studio in Maharastra

The state Maharashtra holds the crowning jewel of the Seventh Day Adventists of India.

The prestigious Spicer Adventist University is located in Pune, the second largest city in Maharashtra. Our university is flooded with talented people who study and work right inside the campus with a great passion toward mission and ministry.

Erecting a Hope Channel Studio inside the university privileges us with a boundless opportunity. The university embraces a vast number of talents in all major languages, thus making the programs of all languages undoubtedly possible in a single place. Hope TV has planned an initiative to cover Maharashtra by conducting Net Meeting in 2017 and telecasting it in all major languages from the university campus itself.

With consecrated efforts, unflagging zeal and untiring perseverance by self denial and self sacrifice in the strength of the Lord let us labor together to save souls who are perishing in Sin through media ministry.