Song of Solomon

Let us learn more in-depth about the book of Song of Solomon with Pr. Sankar Joshua.

Song of Solomon


13 Close of Probation

Do not harden you heart when you hear God's voice. If you do not harden you hearts, you will have no fear during the close of probation.

12 Making Love a Ministry

The most important ministry is to love our neighbours and to be loving disciples of Jesus Christ.

11 Parent-Children Relationship

Today we will see the importance of the parent's role in their children's lives and the duty of the children.

10 Communication

Good communication is very essential in both earthly and heavenly relationship.

09 Apostasy in Relationship

Satan disturbs and tries to destroy every good thing including every good relationship.

08 Marriage and Sabbath

Today we will see the relationship between marriage and the sabbath and its importance.

07 Disagreement and Difficulties

Today we will see how to handle disagreements and disappointments as per the Bible.

06 Christ and His People

Song of Solomon symbolizes the union of Christ with His people.

05 Formula for Marriage

The formula in the bible to have a strong marriage foundation is that the two individuals should become one.

04 A Message of Value from God

The Shulamite thought about her values. Similarly we might have thoughts, but God has a message for us.

03 Love - Covenant Relationship

The major theme that runs through this book is "Love" which is a covenant relationship.

02 Songs by Solomon

Today we will see about the importance of songs and the blessings that we receive from singing.

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Let us learn more in-depth about the book of Song of Solomon with Pr. Sankar Joshua.

Pr. Sankar Joshua

Pr. Sankar Joshua

Song of Solomon
Pr. Sankar Joshua
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